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First, we do protect our customers' privacy. And maybe it is zentai suit, some customers don't like to let others know his/her interesting in the suits, so there are not too many people write reviews. We do appreciate the reviews you send to us.

"I got this suit in great timing in perfect time for halloween this year (a few months back). The service was great and the suit was AT LEAST 10 Dollars less than any other site i've seen on the internet. I highly recommend this, it is very durable, comfortable, and plain out cool. " - by Nick for black zentai suit

"Had a problem with an order and they were very helpful and understanding and sent me another item with no problems. WIll definitely order from them again. Thank you." - by zentaiguy for black zentai suit

"Five of us run in a mud run with these about a year ago. We went swimming, we ran through mud, we even jumped over fire. Since then we have ran in another mud run with the same pink suites and we are running in another one on April 30th. I was shocked that they were made well enough to hold up to these conditions. Great product!" - by Jay for pink zentai suit

"i ordered a black and white spiderman costume on a saturday afternoon and received it within 13 days. the processing and shipping were speedy, and the product was satisfactory. the fabric is more of a very dark blue color than black, but it is hard to tell the difference. the material is not as stretchy as expected, so i would recommend adding 2-3cm to every circumference measurement. overall, i give the product the grade of a low B." - by Mark for black Spider-man costume

"Just recieved my superman costume today,very happy with the look,looks great on,very impressed with the look and feel of the cape, sits perfectly with the suit.The only thing which is a let down is the yellow 's' symbol is not on the cape.It's about time a company has taken the time to make a great looking superman costume for fans." - by Spidey for Superman costume

I bought one of these for my wife recently. We sprung the little bit of extra money to have it custom made and it was totally worth it. The shiny, black, rubberized spandex fits her like a glove and is very sexy. My wife is large in the hips and bust and long in the torso, so it's often hard to find things which fit her well, but they did a good job of custom making it so that it's form fitting. If you like a dominatrix-style catsuit, I think that getting this in black is about the best you can do. Leather and vinyl are expensive and not at all stretchy. Latex is a pain for several reasons. And rubber is both heavy and expensive. This is lighter (although still warm) with a good shiny black look and enough stretch that it'll do okay if it's not quite perfect. In buying it, I guessed that it had no feet, but it didn't explicitly say so in the description and in all of the pictures the models have boots. So if anyone is wondering, my guess was right: the garment stops at the ankle. It does not cover the feet. (Personally I prefer it that way.) - by smack MyNuts for black catsuit

Hi, Just wanted to say that we received the suits on Friday 21st,  Australia time.Thanks for all your assistance in getting them here on time, the girls were all very happy with the purchases. Highly recommend your service. thanking you. - by Ann-Marie Horsburgh for black zentai suit and other zentai suits

I was very happy with my Zentai custom made suit, I thought the workmanship was excellent, and the suit fit very well. And my order arrived when they said it would, actually it was sooner than anticipated. - by David for Latex Zentai Suit with Penis Sheath

My 3 custom snake Zentai suits fit perfectly and arrived quickly and without any complication--to my specifications. I am so happy with them and will definitely order from this company again! Thanks for your great customer service! -by Zane for snake zenai suit


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